Versatility does not come just like that. One has to go through extensive preparation, put his heart out to achieve perfection. Lots of sweat, sleepless nights, running against time, brainstorming sessions within oneís own self, desperate attempt to overcome own potential - even after much accolades and appreciation, always putting the target......miles ahead and generate determination and energy to reach that, is a constant endeavour. And just not juggling of these words in the formatting, but putting life to all these words had been a never ending quest.

Be it acting or recitation or anchoring or compering or news-reading..... irrespective of the platform whether itís stage or small screen or film or radio, be it the confinement of proscenium or the vastness of open air - in every field, precised execution of my artistic pursuit with a delicate touch had always been my way of life.

Definitely in all these diverse activities my voice had a vital role to play. I express my profound gratitude to the Almighty. It is HE who has enriched me with this precious gift. To me it is the Godís greatest blessing. Whenever I use my voice to offer some pleasant moments to my audience, to entertain them with a difference, I do it with the feeling and conviction as if it is my offering to HIM with HIS blessings.

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