My program is an absolute absorbing session of spoken words, based on Bengali literature that comprises poetry, story, and play - interspersed at times with song, where music seems inevitable, making revelation of the text more meaningful.

Shrutinatok, Recitation and Galpopath with sparkles of music - a unique blend of highly entertaining rendition. It touches upon varied emotions, we all dabble with, in life, sometime or other. The shades of emotions keep changing like a kaleidoscope, courtesy - selection of items and the inimitable mode of presentation.

The texts presented through spoken words, create a visual imagery that enlivens the incidents and characters intently as viewed in a movie. It is like viewing at a series of pictures portrayed with intricate finesse through every word and sentence uttered.

The items are chosen from Bengali literature, featuring legendary laureates and exceptional works of contemporary authors as well. Illustrious programs specially crafted on Rabindranath Tagore are also a part of the rendition. These are based on Tagore’s scripts and some of the best creations of contemporary writers as homage to Tagore. Similar program on Kazi Nazrul Islam is also presented.

The duration is, in fact, tailor-made. Depending on the circumstance and allotment of time, this solo exposition of enunciation ranges from half an hour to couple of hours - every moment of which is stunningly enthralling and captivating.

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