I believe there are two kinds of people - one who can be easily set to tune and the other, off-tune. Music, however, is a way of life, one can never deny.

I love to sing in a natural flair and set myself to tune with the feeling that generate from the core of my heart.

Anurodher Aashor in Akashvani Kolkata was a program I would crave for every weekend, like many others. It was essentially a listening pleasure no doubt. As I grew up, singing along came spontaneously.

Despite having any methodical, formal training in music, in course of acting whenever there was an opportunity of singing, I grabbed it with might. Confidence came naturally, as I was more keen in revealing the emotional aspect and that got acceptance of the listeners.

Acting and singing went on almost simultaneously. I excelled in chanting Stotras also while working on spiritual concepts and religious personalities.

Whistling is my another interesting musical passion. I faced a lot of scolding in the childhood, yet I strongly believe, apart from few birds, very few people in the world can whistle in a perfect tune with adequate emotions. Just name the song and I will whistle it for you.

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2007 Satinath Mukhopadhyay